Government 101

Helpful links related to Idaho Government

“A well-informed voter is a powerful and necessary force to keep government in check”

  1. Idaho State Government — Start here when looking for anything related to Idaho State Government.
  2. Contacting Legislators — This is where you can locate who represents what district and how to contact them.
  3. Idaho Live in Session — Watch the House or Senate live while they are in Session. Archives of older sessions are also located here.
  4. Committees — This is where you can find out who is on what committee and where and when they meet.
  5. Live Committee Meetings — You can watch committee hearings live.
  6. Archived Meetings — You can watch archived committee meetings.
  7. From Bill to Law — How does a bill become a law?
  8. Tour the Idaho Capitol — Take a tour of Idaho’s Capitol Building in Boise.
  9. Common Core — Dr. Peg Luksik’s presentation on Common Core (Link is to an audio file.)
  10. Rules and Regulations — Review Proposed NEW Rules or Proposed Changes to Existing Rules.